Red Sox vs Rays live stream: how to watch the MLB series from anywhere today

Red Sox vs Rays live stream: how to watch the MLB series from anywhere today

2020-08-04 19:59:29

The shortened 2020 MLB season is now under way and, as expected, the drama hasn’t stopped since the first pitch was thrown. With the Cardinals now following the Marlins in logging an alarming number of positive Covid-19 tests, the boys of summer might not even get a sun tan this year. Many games are still currently going ahead in the first week of August, though – so follow our guide as we explain how to watch a Red Sox vs Rays live stream. Catch today’s MLB action online wherever you are in the world.

Red Sox vs Rays cheat sheet

Game 1 of this Red Sox vs Rays series is Tuesday, August 4 and game 2 takes place on Wednesday, August 5. Both start at 6.40pm ET/3.40pm PT and are being aired on regional sports networks local to the teams – NESN and Fox Sports Sun Network, respectively. US fans abroad can also try our this great VPN deal to stream the coverage they already pay for at home – only from anywhere in the world.

Any visitors to the Boston area could receive an especially frosty reception this August, as hometown heroes the Red Sox are off to a dismal start to their season. Heading into this week’s two game mini-series against AL East rivals the Tampa Bay Rays, the BoSox have an embarrassing 3-7 record – one that’s seen them swept by the Yankees (bad) and fail to win an opening series against the Baltimore Orioles (unforgivable). 

Fortunately, this week’s series is being held down in Florida…except the Rays aren’t faring any better. So far, the Tampa Bay team has a discouraging 4-6 record entering Tuesday’s first game against the Sox, so if you’re a hapless tourist on the lookout for friendly locals to convalesce with…well, maybe steer away from baseball bars for the time being.

The problem for the Rays? They weren’t meant to struggle like this. The problem for the Sox? They absolutely were – Fenway brass having fired manager Alex Cora, then traded away Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers for the equivalent of a  Happy Meal without any extra sauce. 

Whether you’re drowning your sorrows on Lansdowne or Central right now, you know what we mean. All we can say is stick with it, because it’s still baseball and far, far stranger things have happened. Read on for how to watch the Red Sox vs Rays tonight and get an MLB live stream from anywhere on earth – self-pity strictly optional.

How to watch the Red Sox vs Rays from outside your country

If you’re in the US this week, then getting a Red Sox vs Rays live stream for every game is only easy if you’re based in either the Boston or Tampa Bay area – and have cable TV. If this is the case, you’ll find coverage of the games spread across both regional sports networks and national TV channels – with the option to stream online through the relevant website by logging in with details of your provider.

Anyone without cable might run into more difficulty, however, as the most useful overall baseball streaming service – MLB.TV – is designed for out-of-market viewing only, meaning coverage is blacked out for anyone who lives in the same area as their team.

Fortunately, a solution exists in the form of a VPN – a handy bit of software that lets you re-route your device’s IP address to a location of your choice, thereby giving you the ability to circumvent these outdated blackout restrictions.

A Virtual Private Network also comes in handy when you’re out of the US and geo-blocking stops you from watching the same services and content you normally would at home – even when you pay for them. This makes a VPN an essential bit of equipment for your digital bat bag – but which one should you swing for?


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red sox vs rays live stream mlb 2020

How to watch the Red Sox vs Rays: live stream MLB online in the US

This week’s Red Sox vs Rays two game mini-series is being shown on both regional sports networks and national TV.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s games both the local treatment, so that means they’ll be on NESN in Boston and New England – and Fox Sports Sun in and around Tampa in Florida. 

If you’ve got cable, then you can just log-in with details of your provider for a stream. Wednesday’s game is also streaming on MLB Network for viewers outside of the two main markets.

How to watch the Red Sox vs Rays without cable

If you don’t have cable, this all means you’ll want to consider getting an over-the-top streaming service. Your best bet if you’re a Red Sox or Mets fan is YouTube TV, as it carries NESN, Fox Sports, and all four national channels that show baseball in the US: ESPN, Fox Sports, TBS and MLB Network.

At $64.99 a month, it’s about 10 bucks more expensive than most of the competition – but then no one else offers as comprehensive an offering. The only caveat is that some local network coverage may be blacked out due to a dispute between YouTube and the Sinclair Media Group.

Fortunately, whether you decide to go with YouTube TV or another service that suffers from similar restrictions, there’s a way to get around MLB blackouts. 

How to watch MLB blackout games from anywhere

No one except industry fat cats benefit from streaming blackout restrictions – but there is a way the average Joe can fight back.

As detailed above, the solution is to use a VPN, which lets you relocate your device to a different part of the country (or even a different country) and thereby circumvent such headaches. 

It means anyone can watch their team play, regardless of if they’re local or not, and as well as being a workaround for YouTube TV in rare cases, it’s also highly relevant to the otherwise flawless out-of-market streaming option MLB.TV – a service that lets you watch every game of the MLB season online for a one-off payment of $59.99 (or $49.99 for a single team), but still suffers from blackouts.

red sox vs rays mlb live stream uk 2020

Rays vs Red Sox live stream: how to watch MLB online in the UK today

BT Sport has the TV  rights to MLB action in the UK through 2021 and you’ll find all the channels you need available through one BT’s many TV bundles, or as an add-on for Sky TV and Virgin Media customers.

However, it doesn’t currently appear that any of this week’s Rays vs Sox series is being aired.

Whatever the case, UK fans of the Sox, Rays, or just baseball in general can always turn to MLB.TV to watch every game of the Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays live. The MLB streaming service is readily available in Blighty, where it costs approximately £50 for the full works and blackout rules obviously don’t apply.

This week’s Red Sox vs Rays games both start at around 11.40pm BST Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Red Sox vs Rays live stream watch mlb canada

Watch the Red Sox vs Rays and live stream MLB 2020 action in Canada

Your best option to watch the Red Sox vs Rays online in Canada is via MLB.TV. That’s no bad thing, as $59.99 will get you live streaming access to nearly every game of the regular season (only the Blue Jays are subject to blackouts in Canada and there’s always the VPN workaround for these) – plus coverage of the playoffs and World Series.

In addition, MLB.TV gives you the option of home or away team commentary, offers companion apps for nearly any modern device, and provides a super-smooth 60fps feed for great picture quality.


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