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Insurance Leaders Condemn Violence by Trump Rioters Who Stormed Capitol

2021-01-07 16:35:42

Two insurance industry leaders have joined others in corporate America by condemning the violent rioters who stormed the Capitol yesterday in support of President Donald Trump.

The protesters damaged federal properties and interrupted legislative procedures over the certification of the Electoral College's results, making Joe Biden the next president.

Speaking out include Evan G. Greenberg, Chubb's chairman and chief executive officer, and Bob Rusbuldt, president and chief executive officer of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (Big "I").

Chubb & # 39; s Greenberg addressed both the false claims of electoral fraud and the violence. His statement said:

As citizens of our great nation, we all have a responsibility to speak out against and condemn in the strongest terms the violence and demonstration of demagoguery that we saw yesterday in our nation's capital. This is not who we are. as a nation and our democracy must be protected. Whether they like the results of our elections or not, the citizens of our country have spoken. Our election process, as reaffirmed by our courts and government agencies, was fair and lawful. We look at all our elected leaders of both parties to set an example through their respect and active support for the orderly transfer of power and their condemnation of false claims of electoral fraud. The confirmation of the election results by Congress last night was a powerful affirmation of our democracy. We should all hope for a new era of respect and decency as we express the many in common engage in actions that our nation is facing. "

Rusbuldt from The Big & # 39; I & # 39; linked his statement to insurance agents' mission to protect people and property:

“The highest priority of independent insurance agents and brokers has been and has always been to keep people and property safe and protected. Yesterday's violence in the US Capitol was horrific and inexcusable. The Big & # 39; I & # 39; Strongly condemns those who have endangered lives and desecrated this powerful symbol of our democracy. We will continue to advocate for safety and security for all Americans and for compliance with the US Constitution as our country makes progress after this troubling incident. "

These latest statements from business leaders come days after a group of 200 New York business leaders signed a letter urging members of Congress to promptly certify Joe Biden's election as president this week and support a smooth transfer of power.

“Our duly elected leaders deserve the respect and dual support of all Americans at a time when we are facing the worst health and economic crises in modern history. There should be no further delay in the orderly transfer of power, ”the letter stated in part.

Insurance industry signatories to the letter included CEOs of AIG, Marsh & McLennan, MetLife, Equitable, Guardian, Swiss Re and Travelers.

In addition, a business group continued with its call. The National Association of Manufacturers urged Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment that allows him to assume the presidency when a president is unable to fulfill his duties.

"This is not the vision of America that manufacturers believe in and work so hard for," Jay Timmons, the group's chairman, said in a statement. “Across America, millions of factory workers are helping our country fight the deadly pandemic that has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. We are trying to rebuild an economy and save and rebuild lives. But none of that matters if our leaders refuse to repel this attack on America and our democracy. "

Top photo: Trump supporters walk past the Dome of the Capitol Building in Washington on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. (AP Photo / Andrew Harnik)

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