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Aon, Willis Announce Leadership Team for Post-Merger Brokerages

2021-01-28 15:08:54

Pending final approval of their proposed merger, insurance brokers Aon and Willis Towers Watson announced the future leadership team for the company that will be in effect after the close of the merger, which they expect before the end of the second quarter.

The new organization, which will be called Aon, will be guided by what the executives call the & # 39; one firm & # 39; mentality.

“This talented team draws on the best of both from each organization and will be critical to delivering on the high ambitions we have for the new Aon,” said Greg Case, CEO of Aon.

“As we learned more about each other's organizations, it became clear that a fundamental driver of our success will be leaders who fully embrace a solid mindset,” said John Haley, CEO of Willis Towers Watson. "A willingness to put the needs of customers and the entire organization above their part of the business and any individual priorities will be key to unlocking the full potential of the planned combination for the benefit of all our stakeholders."

Shareholders of both firms approved the merger in August.

The European Commission (EC) is currently conducting an antitrust investigation of Aon's proposed $ 30 billion bid for Willis Towers Watson. Aon has said the assessment is a common next step for a transaction of this size and complexity.

A large-scale EC study will last until May 10, 2021, according to the EC.

Aon has said it remains on track to close the deal in the first half of 2021.

Upon completion of the proposed merger, Case, as CEO, and Christa Davies, as Chief Financial Officer, will be joined by the following executives to form the new Aon Executive Committee:

Eric Anderson, Chairman; Maggie Westdale, CFO, Business; and Julie Gebauer, Head of Strategy.

Reporting to Anderson will be Alexis Faber, CEO, North America; Julie Gebauer, CEO, Health, Wealth and Career; Carlo Clavarino, Chairman, International; Eduardo Davila, CEO, EMEA; Lambros Lambrou, CEO, Commercial Risk; Adam Garrad, President Commercial Risk and CEO Global Broking; Lori Goltermann, chief client officer; Julie Page, CEO, UK; Andy Marcell, CEO, Reinsurance; James Kent, Deputy CEO, Reinsurance; Luis Maurette, CEO, Latin America; Alejandro Galizia, President, Latin America; and Anne Corona, CEO, Asia Pacific.

Also Anne Pullum, chief innovation officer; Andy Weitz, head of marketing; Pam Rollins, internal communications; and Darren Zeidel, General Counsel.

Also Lisa Stevens, Chief People Officer; James Platt, chief operating officer; and Katherine Gehman, Chief of Staff.

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