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Insurance Journall is a Part of LegalMatrix IP Private Ltd.

In the Indian scenario of lengthy legal proceedings and woefully inadequate business professionals, Legal Salah is a paramount breakthrough. The company aims for excluding the mediators from between the disadvantaged and the professional and saving the time of the former whilst the procedure. The Company came up with the idea of Legal Matrix IP- an online legal advisory portal, after looking at the faulty and often pleonastic opinions of the lawyer and accountants. Thereby the motive of the firm is to provide hassle-free online legal, tax, compliance support to startups and SME who have a limited budget during the initial days of Business. The company sole aim and objective is to provide value to the money of the complainant and thus objective completion in a way that benefits them the best. Another intent is of eradication of mouth reference and replacing it with the expert opinions of professionals who not just guarantee the confidentiality of the query but also respond to it within 24 hours of asking hence saving the time of the user. There is also a provision for a refund in case the inquisitor is not satisfied with the assessment provided, which is a breath of fresh air in the Indian legal scenario. The highlights of the company being the quality of work provided, easy legal accessibility and timely deliverables.